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10 Dynamic Bisexual TV Characters Besides Callie Torres

Posted by Natalie DaRe on

Who can deny the impact of Callie Torres’ bisexual debut on Grey’s Anatomy? The badass orthopedic surgeon brought a realness to her character, from her complicated path of discovering her sexuality to the fact that she wasn’t always the most likable person in the room (though she often also was). And while you may be heartbroken that she has left Shondaland, never fear—the world of television holds some more undeniably relatable bisexual gems.

10. Nancy Bartlett (Roseanne)

Forget Roseanne and focus on her friend Nancy. “Regardless of the more recent controversy around the show, Nancy was someone who was in a mixed gender relationship, left it for another woman, and went through that identity evolution of straight to gay to bisexual which disrupts the "bi now, gay later" cliché and reflects many people's experience in working out their sexual orientation,” said Jen Yockney MBE, editor of Bi Community News magazine. “And this twenty years ahead of most TV shows even starting to wrap their heads around bi life."


9. Jane Kerkovich-Williams (Happy Endings)

Oh, Jane. The most neurotic, put-together mess you’ve ever seen. She made being overly competitive and controlling (or as she put it, “aggressively helpful”) look fun and charming. Plus, she and Brad had the ultimate relationship. But while we can’t deny she and Brad reached couple-goals status, we would have loved to see her bisexuality discussed a little more. Someone tell Netflix to make Happy Endings their next stop on the revival train and we just might see that happen.


8. Toni Topaz (Riverdale)

God bless Toni Topaz and her ability to tolerate both Jughead and Cheryl, two of the most eyeroll-inciting people in the Riverdale universe. “When Toni was introduced in the show, I lost my mind thinking the writers were going to make her and Jughead a thing,” said self-described Riverdale-superfan Ellie Tokmakoff. “The fact that they made her bisexual and in a loving, committed relationship is everything. She even makes me like Cheryl, which is a feat in and of itself.” 


7. Angela Montenegro (Bones)

The best ride-or-die friend you could ever ask for. Angela’s artistic soul coupled with her undying loyalty to Brennan easily made her one of the most likable characters on Bones. And her and Hodgins together? Ultimate soulmates. But we can’t deny we loved seeing her in a relationship with Roxie, no matter how short-lived it may have been. Plus, their relationship went against the usual trope of girl-experiments-in-college-but-never-again. And aren’t we all tired of that?


6. Thirteen (House MD)

As far as badass bisexual doctors go, Thirteen (played by the infallible Olivia Wilde) gives Callie Torres a run for her money. The way she didn’t put up with House’s B.S. inspired a lifetime of girls to stop letting boys talk down to them. And sure, she deserved much better than the girl-on-girl sex scenes so clearly designed for the male gaze, but at least Thirteen never backed down from talking openly about her sexuality.


5. Magnus Bane (Shadowhunters)

In a world of magic and warlocks lives one of the greatest male bisexual characters perhaps of all time: Magnus Bane. Played by Harry Shum, Jr. on Freeform’s Shadowhunters. Magnus quickly became a fan-favorite and comprises one half of Tumblr’s favorite ship, Malec. The character instantly dispels the stereotype of bisexuality being a phase. I mean, he’s literally been bisexual for hundreds of years. That would be one long phase. No wonder Shadowhunters won a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Drama Series.


4. Eleanor Shellstrop (The Good Place)

We all strive for the personal development of Eleanor Shellstrop. Eleanor started as a self-absorbed narcissist (didn’t we all?) and blossomed into a conscientious person who actually understands Kant. Yet through it all, one thing has remained the same—despite her feelings for Chidi, she is undeniably attracted to Tahani. That, and she is still a human disaster. “Eleanor Shellstrop is the only disaster bisexual that I truly relate to—girls and boys are both fantastic and I’m a mess,” said UCSF student Celeste Loeser.


3. Ianto Jones (Torchwood)

What’s even rarer than seeing a bisexual character on TV? Seeing a bisexual male character. "Most of the Torchwood central characters were bi and it was just casually accepted along with their different ways of being bi, which was refreshing,” said Yockney. “But while Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) got most press attention, Ianto had an excellent coming-out scene of explaining his relationship with Jack to his family that gave many viewers something much more personally relatable. Little wonder there was a shrine to this fictional character maintained by countless visitors to Cardiff Bay for many years after. A relatable bi male character a decade ago was so very rare.”


2. Ilana Wexler (Broad City)

We all could use the confidence of Ilana Wexler. No matter the action, Ilana never fails to throw her all into it. Literally. Ilana’s got the drive to pull off smuggling weed through airport security, encouraging her BFF to peg her hot neighbor and eating an insane amount of seafood before succumbing to her allergic reaction. And sure, she may have accidentally dated a woman who looks exactly like her, but who hasn’t been there once or twice?


1. Rosa Diaz (Brooklyn 99)

When it comes to handling social issues, Brooklyn 99 far exceeds its television contemporaries. Perhaps its best example? B99’s bisexual character Rosa Diaz is played by an actual bisexual actress. “Rosa Diaz’s story feels honest, earnest and from a place of true understanding,” said longtime B99 fan Chrissy Gusman. “Stephanie Beatriz brought her own experience with being bisexual forward in such a graceful and moving way that there’s no way to interpret her storyline as anything other than real. Not only that, I relate to her even more because I too am slack-jawed at Gina Rodriguez.” Amen to that.

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